Pharma Vision Pharmaceuticals

PVision Has Been Launched Since 2007, As The System Integrator Arm For NV HOLDINGS Which Includes 22 Organization & Company Working In Media Production, Post Production, Rentals, Beside Pharmaceuticals & Manufacture Of Medicine, Also Food Processing, & Forwarding & Customs be in direct and continuous contact with the business elite, from the first day we started our business we adopted a set of business principles for example but not limited to :

- Geographical borders do not stop neither our expansion nor ambition
- Be confident in our minds that we should not follow any one but to be at the front and put the first signboards
- The issue is not to sell a star product but to formulate the strategy that makes our products crash the market idol

To make our customer never spend his money in any place else through continuous raising for his standards and learning him how to buy The result of this way of business was that we seize around 70% of market share of allotted markets the started one company became a group that servicing more than 28 agency in the Egyptian market.
as well as the middle east particular the Gulf area all of which are major global players e.g. Apple, through 180 experienced customer oriented and qualified workforce 30% of which in our pharmaceutical arm managing the size of business value about 120 million USD in the in the Egyptian market as well as the middle east particular the Gulf area.
As a pharmaceutical company started servicing the Egyptian Market through a unique product portfolio chosen and or formulated by our experience R&D stuff and approved from business development and market Departments sold through missionary sales policy witch gains doctors trust that moves to both pharmacists then patients we started In Egypt as the fact that it resembles around 95 % of medical promotion among Arabian world ,a map witch is totally different looking at sales values.
As well as our sister companies in the group our management stuff in pharma vission hunted from major players in the Egyptian and middle east key players not to copy their experience but to diversify our experience, learn from others mistakes, and invest in their capabilities to manage a business value of around 30 Million USD during the next 5 Years.

Our Activity